Scott Guthrie – Birmingham 26/03/10

The folks that run DDD put on this special event which featured a whole day of presentations by the ‘one and only’ Scott Guthrie.  The day started well with a personal hello from the man himself  (OK, he just happened to look up as I got to the top of the stairs so I thrust my hand out and wished him a good morning).  I have to admit that up to this point my only real thought about VS2010 was ‘oh, thank God, it runs my existing VS2008 projects just fine’.  But Scott took us through the wealth of new and updated features, many of which were much more than ‘nice to haves’  We also got the best explanation of MVC (and MVVM) that I have heard, at the same time as introducing us to the new feature support in VS for these patterns.  The day finished with a run through Windows Phone 7 and a great Q&A session.  I got confirmation from Scott that the release of the windows phone will be the same in the UK as the US which is nice to know.  I also asked Scott about the availability of “Silverlight on the iPhone” – a non committal response of “nothing to say about that today”  – possibly implying that there might be something to say in the future?  We shall see.

A most excellent day and big thanks to Phil Winstanley for arranging  it.

(Some photos of the event here)


~ by Ian on March 28, 2010.

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