Microsoft PDC10

2003  Redmond 12003  Redmond 2

One of my workmates summed up my first visit to Redmond when he informed everyone I was going on holiday to my “spiritual home”.

Since then I’ve been out to visit Microsoft’s Redmond campus a couple of times.  It’s a great experience, it’s a large centre, but in no way on the same scale as the Orlando or LA Convention Centers.  Think more MIX size (actually a little smaller I would guess).  So its going to be a ‘mini PDC’ in more ways than one.  That’s not to say that the campus isn’t large, in fact it is like a sprawling mini town in its own right with lots of interesting things to find and plenty of techie history along the way.  2005  Redmond 3

I was very lucky and got a tour of the campus from Jeremy Kelly after chatting on Channel 9 (  He also arranged an informal meet with other “Niners” at one of the many Canteens on Campus.  Before I left he showed me around the ‘nerve center for Visual Studio and as we walked, we stumbled upon some history in the shape of plaques in the pavement commemorating significant releases  (I later returned intending to take some more photos of this spot but couldn’t find it!).

2005  Redmond 42005  Redmond 52005  Redmond 62005  Redmond 7



~ by Ian on July 12, 2010.

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