Metro Drummer

A full featured Drum Machine featuring live pads and step input into sequencer and song arrangement modes. 

  • Over 50 high quality drum samples
  • 4 immediately accessible and fully programmable kits.
  • Control over individual drum Volume, Tuning (pitch) and Position within the stereo field.
  • Multiple sounds can be triggered simultaneously giving a realistic drumming experience.
  • Position of the pads can be arranged and saved according to taste.
  • Full featured open/closed HiHat.
  • Unique ‘Jam’ Mode allows single samples to be spread over multiple pads.
  • Step Mode entry and playback of drum patterns
  • Song mode allows individual sequences to be chained together into a song.
  • Multiple songs can be stored on the phone.


1. Up to 4 programmable kits immediately available

2. Pads can be switched places to accommodate left / right / custom playing.


3. Each Drum can be tuned to taste.

4. Each pad has its own custom volume and pan positioning.


5. Sequences can be entered in step edit mode.

6. Sequences can be arranged into songs.


~ by Ian on October 5, 2010.

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