Shove Halfpenny (Shove Ha’Penny)

Shove Ha’Penny is a fun family orientated pub game from the UK (Wikipedia) .  Play takes place on a board with the objective being to ‘shove’ coins such that they come to a halt between the parallel lines painted on the board.  The game can be played by 1 or 2 players (or teams) with play lasting a matter of seconds, minutes or even hours, as desired (the game will automatically save when the phone is used for other purposes and resume where it left off).



A rolling score is maintained along with an indication of the efficiency of each player  (expressed as a percentage of the coins they have scored with).  Different coins can be chosen (UK, US and European) and a full set of rules (this is a simple game) are included.




In case there is any doubt, scoring coins are marked with a green blob, and non scoring with red.  Behind the game a sophisticated physics engine  gives play a surprisingly realistic element to gameplay.


~ by Ian on October 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shove Halfpenny (Shove Ha’Penny)”

  1. I saw the following website that looks like it share code with this WP7 game: It would be great for you to do a blog post on what it took to get both the Silverlight web site and the phone app to run the same code, how much is actually common, and how much is duplicated.

  2. Sure thing. I’m focussing on some performance issues with a few of my other apps at the moment but will pick up on this as soon as I get chance.


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