Windows Phone 7 Launch Apps.

Thought it appropriate to quickly précis  some of the apps for windows phone 7 that I am submitting to the marketplace for launch today (more to follow in the coming weeks).

In the main, todays offerings centre around a music based performance engine that has been developed for the platform using Silverlight and XNA.


Metro drummer

A full featured drum machine offering over 50 high quality samples with live, sequence and song based screens.

More here:


drums and bass

A logical progression from Metro Drummer that adds the ability to compose drum tracks combined with a bass line, often the perfect accompaniment to a vocal and acoustic guitar based composition.

More here:



The sister product to Metro drummer with musical, rather than percussion based samples.

More here:



A marriage of Metro Drummer and Jamster providing additional opportunities for fun and composition.

More here:


Flashlight / Torch

Possibly the most useful of all the apps in the marketplace, turns your phone into a torch.


Shove ha’penny

the classic pub game for the UK brought to life for Windows Phone with multiple boards, coin types and players.

More here:


I will be posting videos of these apps running on my LG GW910 device just as soon as I get a little time.


~ by Ian on October 11, 2010.

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