Changing a Panorama Control Title Font.



So rather a grand title for this, another ‘Sequencer App’, but while putting it together this felt like the best use of my existing/developing sequencing platform to date, so if the title is a little cheesy, so be it.

I always try and add a little something different with every iteration of this app and, as I liked the font I used for the Splash Screen (Above) I wanted to try and add it to the main Panorama Screen (Below).


I turned to Blend but quickly found that there was no way to change the Font for the Panorama Title within the Designer.  So I switched to XAML View and used a method for manipulating the design that I have used before (but not blogged about).


Its a simple enough job to take the Panorama Title out of the main declaration and give it its own sub declaration. Then by adding a Text Block I was able to set the font to the one that I desired:


Of course this trick can be expanded upon by using other controls (and attributes) besides a Text Block.  For instance I have used a background transparent Bitmap to pleasing effect in another example.


One thing to be aware of is that this new section of XAML cannot be modified in the designer (the designer works fine, but this section is effectively ‘hidden’) so I guess we are making the design ‘Partially un-Blendable’ with this trick (though in reality most designers know enough about the XAML underpinnings that I would not expect this to be a problem).


Finally I had to bring Blend in again in order to embed the font into the XAP.

NB “Ambient Soundscape” should appear in the MarketPlace later this week.


~ by Ian on January 28, 2011.

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