“Ambient Soundscape”

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Well it was touch and go getting the app through the ingestion process in time but this morning I am pleased to announce that ‘Ambient Soundscape’ is available on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace:


With over 40 distinct sound sources available as a starting point ‘Ambient Soundscape’ can be used to develop sophisticated tonal compositions.  The built in multi-track step edit recorder can be used to store and playback compositions or individual sequences with full control over individual sounds volume, frequency and pan position within the stereo field.

Recording Sequences

Four - Copy

The initial screen first provides guidance as to the capabilities available within the step edit sequencer, then, as sequences are recorded becomes the launching point for each individual sequence.



Three - Copy

The step edit sequencer facilitates the touch entry of individual sounds and provides a keyboard for changes in frequency (pitch) of each individual note.  In addition a sub menu provides control over the relative volume and pan position.


Arranging Songs

Two - Copy


The next screen provides guidance for song arrangements, and as compositions are arranged and saved in the subsequent screen, becomes the launching point for individual compositions.


Five - Copy

When sequences are saved in the preceding screen they become available for arrangement into songs by dragging and dropping them in the arrangement screen. Sequences can then be stored on the phone as songs for subsequent playback (or additional editing)


Additional features include live playback of sounds, control over each sounds positioning within the step edit sequencer and the ‘sound pad’ screen (not shown).  In addition the base volume, pitch and stereo pan position (i.e. the starting point for each sound) can be set prior to the composition process taking place.

Ambient Soundscape is available now for Windows Phone 7 based devices priced at $4.99



~ by Ian on February 14, 2011.

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