Marketing Your Apps

Having a go at the final (I believe) chapter of Mike Ormond’s book:

Outline for the chapter is presently as follows:

Arming Yourself

  • The theory behind marketing.
  • Making your App work for you.
  • Quotes from experts and successful developers.
  • Readiness Checklist.

Spreading the Word

  • From the safety of your bedroom:
    • Using a Blog
    • Using Twitter
    • Using YouTube
    • Getting your App reviewed
    • In App Advertising
    • Marketing on the web
    • Gorilla Marketing
  • Going out into the world:
    • People skills
    • User groups
    • Conferences (Mix, PDC etc.)
    • Government Initiatives
    • Microsoft Initiatives (BizTalk, MSDN etc.)

Tracking your progress

    • Marketplace Reports
    • Analytics (Peoplesoft etc)
    • Third Party Sites (EG zTop and Phone Apps)

Please leave a comment or get in touch if you have any interesting or useful stories around Marketing your own Apps (they don’t necessarily have to be  WP7 based) .

My plan is to make each of the above sections a blog entry – hopefully I will get some feedback this way and improve on things before submitting for approval into the book.





~ by Ian on February 25, 2011.

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