Marketing your Apps – Using Twitter (1)

Most developers will tweet about the development and release of a new App in the normal course of events.  Some will even give an App its’ own Twitter account  (if for no other reason than to retain focus on the App and avoid clogging up your their personal Twitter account).  However, for this experiment I created a dedicated, temporary Twitter account for an App in order to attempt to take advantage of an event that the App was related to.

So yesterday, the Twitter Account “KingsSpeechApp” was born and I set about using the Oscars to try and promote the App.

imageI posted 30 tweets from this account over a 12 hour period leading up to the Oscar ceremony itself (being in the UK I went to bed at this point, although It would have been nice for the purposes of this experiment to continue tweeting).

Rather than linking to the App I included a link to a blog post about the App – this allowed me to harness the real time stats from my blog to gauge the success of this endeavour!

I did my best to space out the tweets and always included both the #Oscars hash tag and sometimes a related tag such as #ColinFirth and #KingsSpeech.  (This meant that anyone doing a search for these terms in Twitter would pick up on my tweets).  Blog stats reveal that this linked blog entry received 30 hits during this period, so if my maths is good, that is around 1 hit for every tweet (discounting any hits that the entry might have received in the normal course of events).

So, all in all, an interesting experiment, but probably not one worthy of repetition.

RT (ReTweet):  I also included this request in the majority of the tweets, hoping that some higher ‘Twitter Daemon’ would pick up and spread the word to a wider audience.  Sadly, after the event I could see no evidence of this.

I haven’t finished with Twitter yet and will post another blog entry about potential uses in marketing at a later date.

Twitter TIP: Make liberal use of relevant # tags when announcing your new Apps:


Update: Another example: This tip for MIX 11 Conference attendees in Los Vegas – all potential users of my  ’Gadget Watch’ App:



~ by Ian on February 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Marketing your Apps – Using Twitter (1)”

  1. I agree, this was an interesting experiment. You mentioned that you wish you could have keep tweeting though the night. You could try using a Twitter Scheduler like to queue up a bunch of post that will be send out at your time of choice while you sleep. Or even while you are awake so you don’t have to schedule yourself or remember to tweet.

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