Sandwiched in between “The King’s Speech” App and “The Royal Wedding” Apps (see below) is this app which aims to please anyone who is keeping up with the current interest in “all things Royal”.

The app uses the well know ‘Panorama’ interface peppered with some luscious graphics and pleasing UI interactivity.

Here’s the blurb:

“Beautifully crafted reference to all things Royal.  Includes a continuously updated newsfeed dedicated to the Monarchy, a ‘Royal’ Twitter feed (There are some interesting discussions around the Monarchy, the King’s Speech and the forthcoming Royal Wedding at the moment), Press Feeds from the Palace and Clarence House as well as hundreds of facts and figures about the British monarchy through the ages.”

Enthusiastic review from Laura Foy!






So version 1.0 covers everything we could think of as relevant – but please feedback below if there is something you were hoping to see that isn’t included.

Royalty Here.

Royalty was the featured App in the Marketplace on 11/6/2011 and also features in the in store App Magazine (O2 and Orange stores from June 2011)


~ by Ian on March 1, 2011.

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