Marketing Your Apps using Twitter (II)

Creating an App Specific Twitter Account for Marketing purposes.

The thinking here is that by creating a topic based Twitter account and then following people with a related interest they *may*

  1. Check out your profile (and maybe the links on it to your apps?)
  2. Follow you back  (and perhaps take a subsequent interest in your app?)

You may already be aware of a number of twitter apps that have the aim of increasing your Twitter followers.  This is a subtly different aim than this one as we simply want to raise awareness of our apps. (That said, if this exercise proves fruitful an investigation of these apps might be a sensible next step as they likely save valuable time that could  better be spent developing).


Here are the steps I took:

  1. Created a Twitter Account called ‘RoyaltyWatcher’
  2. Updated the Twitter profile to reflect the subject of my app..
  3. Posted a number of tweets relating to the subject.
  4. Searched Twitter using terms such as #Royalty and #RoyalWedding and ‘followed’ 70 other interested parties.
  5. Sent occasional tweets related to the subject over the following week.
  6. Followed any recommendations from Twitter.

NB I will update this post with the results of this exercise next week.


~ by Ian on March 6, 2011.

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