Marketing Your Apps – YouTube

So a dozen Apps on the marketplace and I have never done a YouTube video – until now*! (essentially because I don’t have the equipment to do it properly.)  So with my chapter for Mike Ormond’s upcoming Kindle book in mind I thought I should have a go.

To begin with I chose an App that runs OK on the emulator (I find that my music sequencing Apps struggle a little) .



There are many ways to skin a cat, here are the steps I took in producing the video

  1. I  used ’Expression Screen Capture’ (see above) to capture a 3 minute (or so) video in which I just ran through some of the screens. 
  2. I exported the capture using Expression Encoder to a YouTube compatible format
  3. I did a search for some public domain music and discovered that ‘Fanfare for the common man’ is PD – excellent! (note: the ELP version is not)
  4. I then opened the video in Windows Live Movie Maker and added the music and captions and subsequently spent an hour or so ‘playing’ before exporting directly to YouTube.
  5. I then modified the properties in YouTube to maximise exposure.



I should say that I was very impressed with the capabilities of “Windows Live Movie Maker” – its a free consumer oriented App but incredibly easy to use and it performed very well on my lowly laptop.

Here is the final video I produced:


#WP7Dev Mike Ormond Kindle Book Example.


So all in all a lot less painful than I had imagined.  Who knows, perhaps with a bit more time I might be capable of producing something even better?

As ever I will endeavour to feed back on any ‘marketing based’ results here, including number of hits the video receives and how well the app is doing both download and income wise.  Ultimately an improved version of this post should make it into Mike Ormond’s book (all things being equal and subject to quality checks).

NB The Royal Wedding App can be downloaded here (please support it if you can!)

* Though I take this opportunity to thank Mike Ormond again for doing an early video of ‘Metro Drummer’ on my behalf.

UPDATE: I based the length of my ‘trailer’ on the length of the piece of music I was using & initial feedback is that this is way too long!  Seems obvious really but it is easy to get caught up in something and not see the wood for the trees.  I spent a few minutes in WLMM and put together the following.  Another tip that, with hindsight is just common sense – say what you want to say in the first 10 seconds of your video – that is the segment that will be watched by the most people(!).

#WP7Dev Mike Ormond Kindle Book Example (shorter)

Or maybe you could ‘take it to the max’ like this guy : 6duVKnKHc4U

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~ by Ian on March 9, 2011.

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