Gadget Watch

Like gadgets? Get the latest gadget news delivered in a pleasing and interactive Metro based UI.  T3, Engadget, PC Pro, Web News, Gadget Blogs and Twitter are all scoured to give you the most comprehensive listings of gadgets on the planet!







Latest features (version 1.4) include the ability to tweet / facebook / email articles to your followers and ‘achievement unlocks’ (which are really just a cunning way of the App saying ‘did you know I could do this’).  Version 1.5 brings video support.

Hey, ‘Gadget Watch’ is a work in progress, please feedback any thoughts you have or issues you encounter using the feedback option within the App itself.  I’ll try and incorporate your ideas in the next free update of the app.

Laura Foy reviews Gadget Watch on Channel 9

4 days after airing and the viewer stats look pretty impressive with almost 36,000 views.  This highlights the main difficulty that an ‘Indie dev’ usually has when marketing your apps – gaining some ‘reach’!  (Thanks Laura)


Update: Spent the day at day 1 of the Gadget Show Live showing ‘Gadget Watch’ to anyone who would spare me a couple of minutes. Got a great reaction (and some ideas for version 1.7!)

Update 2: Latest version for Mango includes live tiles and home screen status updates for new gadget news!


~ by Ian on April 3, 2011.

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