Marketing Your Apps – Using Twitter to target your market.


In the first article in this series I talked about using Twitter in relation to real world events that might be related to your App.

In the second  I covered creating a dedicated Twitter account for your App.

Use Twitter to target your Market.

In the case of Nokia watch, the target market is:

  • Developers of Windows Phone 7 Apps
  • Mobile Phone “gangsters” (ie people who like to know what is happening at the cutting edge of mobile phone development – and may buy a new phone because of it)
  • Nokia staff who are curious about Windows Phone 7 (?)

    With this in mind I began a series of posts designed to suggest information that users of this, and other Apps might find interesting:

    image(Targeting NOKIA Watch App)

    image(Targeting NOKIA Watch App)

    image(Targeting Royal Wedding App)

    image(Targeting ‘Shove Ha’penny App – which features a George VI Half penny)

    image(Targeting Gadget Watch)

    If you followed any of the above links you will notice that in general they go to a relevant article on my own Blog, rather than directly to the marketplace. My thinking is that this allows users (including non WP7 users) to find out more about the App than is available in the limited space of the Marketplace listing.  (A side benefit is that I am able to monitor Blog metrics immediately which helps to determine any interest being generated by the tweet).  

    Other “How to Market your App”  posts in this series:

  • Marketing Your Apps using Twitter – How the big boys do it

    “With such a positive Gartner rating for Windows Phone 7 there has never been a better time to jump in!”


    ~ by Ian on April 8, 2011.

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