Marketing Your Apps – Review


This is an on-going list of links relevant to independent developers looking at marketing their own Apps. (I’m seeking useful feedback and criticism on all these short posts please.  The end result will form a part of Mike Ormond’s’ forthcoming WP7 Kindle Book)


  1. In App Marketing: “Why not Try …”

  2. Marketing your Apps – Using Twitter (1)

  3. Marketing your Apps – Advertising SDKs (1)

  4. Marketing your Apps using Twitter (II)

  5. Marketing your Apps – YouTube

  6. Shove Halfpenny Special Promotion!

  7. Marketing your Apps – Special Promotions.

  8. Marketplace Tips – Avoid negative feedback!

  9. Marketing your Apps – Advertising SDKs (2)

  10. Marketing your Apps – Polls & Surveys

  11. Marketing your Apps – Marketplace Promotion (1)

  12. Marketing your Apps–Help create a structured mechanism.

I am also soliciting Microsoft to look at creating some sort of ‘rough guide to marketing Apps’ – not sure what format this will take yet but if you like the idea please vote for it from the link below:

imageVote for this as a topic for future attention from Microsoft.

(Please feedback your thoughts in the comments after each article).





~ by Ian on April 11, 2011.

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