Marketing your Apps–Help create a structured mechanism.

So in contrast to the cartoon below most independent development shops probably suffer from being a little too lean in the first place …

Being a way in to this on-going series of blog posts about ‘marketing your apps’ I have come to the un-surprising conclusion that there is no magic ‘silver bullet’ for success.   There are certainly some things you can do that are more effective than others (I will cover this in a later summary) but one of  my own personal conclusions is that it is important  to think of this process as being “on-going”. Marketing should become a part of the normal process of developing a new app. This perhaps seems like a fairly obvious statement but I think there are probably a lot of developers out there, like myself, who in the first instance view the successful publication of an App in the marketplace as an end point in itself.  But I digress. 

So my hope is that when this series of posts are distilled into a chapter of our forthcoming publication they will provide some assistance in this important and often overlooked aspect of app development.  Going forward it would be great if we could consolidate all we have learned and provide a more structured approach for independent developers to market their own Apps without them having to start from scratch.  I would like to encourage Microsoft to help ‘raise the bar’ in this area for independent WP7 developers as a whole.  After all, the prospect of having 10,000 developers marketing Windows Phone Apps has to be a good proposition for the platform itself!


So with all this in mind can I take this opportunity to encourage you to help by doing two things:

imageVote for this as a topic for future attention from MS

imageHelp spread the word by tweeting this blog post (click here or use one of the Social Networking buttons below)

NB Mike tells me that he is hoping to be able to make the first version of the book available soon.

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~ by Ian on April 18, 2011.

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