Marketing Your Apps – In App Advertising (II)

In a previous post I looked at the creation of a free ad-supported version of an app in support of an existing paid app. 

In addition to this there are a number of other opportunities that you can take advantage of in order to maximise marketing related opportunities.


My experience of Ad supported apps in the UK (we do not have access to the Microsoft Ad SDK at the time of writing) suggests that you would be wise not to consider this to be the primary methodology for remuneration for your app!  That said, people love free Apps so you might want to consider free apps as a means of getting  your app into peoples hands (in the hope that they will like it enough to purchase an ad-free version).  As a minimum you should consider adding a button in the free app to allow users to upgrade to an ad-free version:



You might also want to encourage your users with a gentle ‘nag’ screen at startup:


NB The above dialog box comes from the excellent coding 4 fun toolkit.

Both the above buttons have similar code behind them which launches the marketplace with the relevant app page:



You may also want to consider giving your users an easy way to share their experiences with your app using social networks.  I covered this in more detail in an earlier blog post that pre-dated this series.  Nowadays I just add buttons for Twitter and Facebook:


TIP: When releasing free and paid versions of the same app don’t make the assumption that both Apps will pass ingestion at the same time! As I write this I have had hundreds of downloads for the free ad-supported version of ‘Apple Watch’ while the paid version still sits somewhere within the ingestion process.

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~ by Ian on April 26, 2011.

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