“The application must not exceed 90 MB of RAM usage”.

In the documentation guidelines for WP7 development it says:

"The application must not exceed 90 MB of RAM usage. However, on devices that have more than 256 MB of memory, an application can exceed 90 MB of RAM usage."

I have been  interpreting that as being peak RAM must stay under 90MB on 256MB devices but it is OK to exceed on 512MB devices and I have been coding my apps accordingly.

Now I suspect that for the purposes of ingestion it is being interpreted as

"The application must not exceed 90 MB of RAM usage.”

IMO we really need a definitive answer to this from Microsoft:

What constitutes peak memory on 512MB devices?

(More on this here)

Update & Conclusion 29/04/2011

After branching away from code that was aimed at devices with more than 256MB RAM (with a consequent loss of both features and performance on these devices) and emailing my XAP through to the Ingestion team I got a response from them yesterday saying that the XAP ‘looked good’ and could I resubmit (which I did).  So it seems clear that I (and presumably everyone else?) should NOT be looking at branching code to deal with devices that only have 256MB memory – rather we should ensure that memory does not go above 90MB in any circumstances, regardless of device.  Of course I haven’t had any official word on this but it seems to be the only logical conclusion. 

I don’t know where to start to vent my frustration at the knock on effects for me of this whole debacle.   Looking at the stats I have for last week it looks as though the free versions of ‘Apple Watch’ and ‘Nokia Watch’ both passed ingestion and have already had thousands of downloads.  Unfortunately for me any conversions (to the 99c Ad free versions) will have been unsuccessful as those versions failed ingestion (and  I have been unable to resubmit them while my account was (is?) in suspension).  Needless to say I am unlikely to recover from this situation (I will be attempting to resubmit ‘Apple Watch’ and ‘NOKIA Watch’ today).  In the meantime the Royal Wedding App is still flagged ‘testing in progress’ on the morning of the Wedding itself. 

From a personal perspective I think it is vital that Microsoft clears up the woolly statement it has in the guidelines (second paragraph above) so that other devs. are not left in a ‘spilt milk’ situation.  It is also important that Apps are dealt with in a wholly consistent manner (such that Apps which are to all intents and purposes the same either pass or fail the ingestion process) I can only guess that the current ‘inconsistent guidelines’  make this difficult for the testing teams (who otherwise appear to be doing a fantastic job).

Post Royal Wedding Addendum

29/4 version 1.15 now showing as ‘signing in progress’.
30/4 Version 1.15 is in the marketplace

(I will look at ways of restoring the missing features following the shenanigans as soon as I get some time).

~ by Ian on April 27, 2011.

2 Responses to ““The application must not exceed 90 MB of RAM usage”.”

  1. Like you say, this just needs to be interpreted as “The application must not exceed 90 MB of RAM usage.”. If you assume this it makes it easier to write and test your app.

    I’m sure someone will come up with a good argument about a specific case they have where they want to use as much memory as they can get but I can just see this leading to more problems in the future. Such as not being able to support fast app switching.

    As a rule, it’s “Low memory usage good. High memory usage bad.”

  2. Hi Matt, I don’t have an issue with what you are saying but I am betting there are a lot of devs like myself who test for 256MB and branch accordingly – there needs to be some guidelines around this otherwise it is a pointless exercise.

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