Tip – Windows Phone Mango Training Videos

There are a great series of training videos available from those nice people at MSDEV at http://www.msdev.com/Directory/SeriesDescription.aspx?CourseId=174   If you get the chance (and you have the bandwidth) I would urge you to watch them online now.

However, if you are like me (bandwidth and time challenged) then you might want to download them for viewing later.  Two options present themselves:

The first is to go into the download page of each video and download them in your browser (that can be a little time consuming).

The second is the essence of this tip and involves using a third party application called “free download manager”


I use this app all the time for batch downloading of all sorts of files.  One of the useful features that I often take advantage of is the option to download a list of files from the clipboard (CTRL+SHIFT+V).

For this particular series I noticed that the urls for all the videos were consecutive, so I simply copied the first one to notepad and replicated the rest of the links myself:


So it was then simply a case of copying the above links to the clipboard (Select All then CTRL+C), firing up “Free Download Manager” and using CTRL+SHIFT+V to begin the downloads in the background.  I can now get on with other work until I am notified that the downloads are complete.  I hope you find this tip useful.

You can download Free Download Manager from here: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Free-Download-Manager/1090197761/1

And just in case you are a little lazy, here are the titles of the videos (hosted by none other than Adam Kinney):

MSDN How Do I: Use the new features in the Window Phone Emulator and Tools?
MSDN How Do I: Use the Windows Phone Profiler?
MSDN How Do I: Work with the Execution Model?
MSDN How Do I: Use the new Bing Tasks?
MSDN How Do I: Access Contacts and Appointments Data?
MSDN How Do I: Use Toast, Tile and Raw Notifications?
MSDN How Do I: Update Tiles and Use Secondary Tiles?
MSDN How Do I: Use the System Tray features?
MSDN How Do I: Use the Search Extensibility features?
MSDN How Do I: Combine Silverlight and XNA?
MSDN How Do I: Programmatically Access Camera Features?
MSDN How Do I: Create an Augmented Reality Application?
MSDN How Do I: Use the WebBrowser Control?
MSDN How Do I: Use HTML5 in the WebBrowser Control?
MSDN How Do I: Use the RichTextBox control?
MSDN How Do I: Localize an Application?
MSDN How Do I: Work with a Local Database?
MSDN How Do I: Communicate with Sockets?
MSDN How Do I: Access OData Resources?

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~ by Ian on July 26, 2011.

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