Mango Beta App Submission Walkthrough

Lots of interest in the Augmented Reality YouTube video on my previous post and although it isn’t anywhere near beta status I decided to publish “Goblin Attack” on it’s own for anyone with an interest.

This post is a walkthrough of the process I went through:

Marking the App as a ‘private beta’


NB the workaround if you receive the above error is documented here anApp:d involves setting a default Language for the

Project Properties Options dialog

As you might expect this is the same as with a standard submission

Here you have the opportunity to invite your beta testers individually



It is then a question of monitoring the lifecycle page until the App is through the ingestion process for beta apps.

The initial lifecycle page


When the app is ready you will receive the above notification via email.  (It may still be some time before the App is available via Zune)

Download Link (Mango with Motion API requirement)

Moving fast with development on this app – there are already a few features and bug fixes that are not in this beta – but all feedback will be gratefully received.

In an ideal world the Goblin would be a little more 3D, made in XAML and swipe his sword / die more effectively – anyone with the appropriate graphics skills please get in touch!

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~ by Ian on September 3, 2011.

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