Windows App Certification Kit Walk Through

While it isn’t yet possible to submit apps to the store you can ensure that your App will pass the ingestion process.  this is a walkthrough of one of the sample apps (Weather).

Noting that it fails the test tells us that things are very much still at an early stage with the preview build and the apps that ship alongside it.


I have selected the Metro Style App option (above) which presents a list of Metro Apps from which to make a choice:


I chose Microsoft Weather App and hit next and the kit goes to work:


The process takes a few minutes and creates an XML data file of results that you are invited to save:



Clicking on the results opens the report:


Tip: in Jason Olson’s talk from BUILD he briefly touches on the following tool – which is the same that MS runs on your submitted Apps before they make it into the store:


I haven’t tried this myself yet but will either update this post or write another one once I get the chance to do so.


~ by Ian on September 16, 2011.

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