Announcing the launch of “App Aid”

Well, the saying goes that from small acorns … so begins “App Aid” (Hopefully the name speaks for itself.) 

Currently App Aid only represents a contribution of income from my own apps, so that is where I will start. The hope is that this could mushroom into something supported by other developers and platforms.

My first contribution towards App Aid comes in the form of “Live Tile News”, the innovative new news App that features up to 8 ‘Live tiles’ of topic based news as well as a novel panorama based UI with multiple layered icons.

I am giving all the proceeds (sales and advertising income) from this app to charity. 

I also have a monthly timetable planned for 2012 whereby a percentage of the sales from designated Apps for each month will also go to charity. 

At the moment the timetable for 2012 looks like this:

  Month App Percentage of income dontated
Jan “Live Tile News”
”Live Tile News (Premium)”
100% *
Feb “Apple Watch” 50%
Mar “Orchestrator” 50%
Apr “Gadget Watch” 50%
May “The King’s Speech” 50%
Jun “Ultimate Fart” 50%
Jul “Torch / Flashlight” 50%
Aug “Live Tile Sports” 50%
Sep Nokia Watch 50%
Oct “Live Tile Sports II” 50%
Nov “Ambient Soundscape” 50%
Dec “Snap”


* On-going Forever

Please be as supportive as you can, Tweet and Facebook this message to your followers (see buttons below) and download Live Tile News (Free) or Live Tile News (Donation) to your Windows Phone.

Thank You!


~ by Ian on January 4, 2012.

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