Get it for free, then show 3

Heads up, I am not a marketeer, I don’t think I am even a very good ‘people person’ (typical geek I guess). Notwithstanding I want to convince you (and that guy in Nigeria) that there is such a thing as a “win-win scenario”

With apologies if this post comes across like I am trying to sell you something.

WIN 1: How do you win?

1. You get to download a great App for free  “Live Tile News”.

2. You get to feel good about yourself as you are supporting charity by being involved.

WIN 2: How does Charity win?

All the advertising proceeds go to charity!

WIN 3: How do I win?

Like you, I get to feel good about myself (quite handy right now).

Get it for free, then show 3?

If you like the App please show it to 3 friends, (and they might be tweet, mail and Facebook, or they could be actual people!)

Don’t have a Windows Phone?

What are you waiting for? My current suggestion is the Nokia Lumia 800 but if you are on a tight budget, try this

NB AN update that allows you to add tiles from the news item list itself is currently going through the ingestion process (other new features as well, but that one is kind of cool)


~ by Ian on January 7, 2012.

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