App Roadmap

A few people have asked about plans around Live Tile Browser, App Aid, Live Tile News and related Apps so I thought I would take this opportunity to create an outline of current and future plans.

Live Tile News

This kicked off the whole ‘ChApp’ (Charity App) concept with all the developer proceeds from the two versions (ad and donation) going to charity.7

Windows Phone (available now)

  • Free Advertising Supported, full featured version
  • Donation Supported, full featured, no Ads

New version featuring improved (‘in place’) Live Tile selection currently on its way through ‘ingestion’ to the marketplace.

Next version features include personalised news live tiles (beyond the existing BBC categorisations)

Windows 8

A version is in simultaneous development for Windows 8 and will be available soon.  All the developer proceeds will also go to charity.

NB More information around Live Tile News is available here

App Aid

App Aid is a banner under which existing or new App developers who already or wish to donate a portion of their proceeds can come together and take advantage of pooled resources and promotion opportunities.

Plans for App Aid are outlined here and including a timetable for the rest of 2012.  If there is enough interest around the concept it is planned to bring it to other platforms.

Live Tile Browser

One of the most compelling features of Windows Phone is Live Tiles yet there is no single place where they are discoverable.  LTB represents the first step in making it easier for users to discover live tile based apps that might be of interest to them.


Windows Phone

A version for Windows phone was made available this week here.  More details about the app can be found here

Windows (Desktop)

A Silverlight 5 version of LTB is available here  (an HTML5 version is under development)

Windows 8 (Metro)

A metro based version is under development for Windows 8 with initial deliverable expected 1st quarter this year (2012).





News in Pictures, Live Tile Sports (I & II)


With the same great content as Live Tile News, News in Pictures focuses on maximising the benefit of photographs in quickly discerning the relevance of new news stories.  You can then go deep on the story reading the full article from the BBC web site.

Up t 8 Live Tiles featuring news related photography can be added to the users home screen based on subject topics of interest.

News in pictures is available here



Sport in Tiles 1 & 2 both give you the latest news on top sporting activities with up to 8 Live Tiles pin-able to your home page.

The latest pending updates allow you to pin tiles using a gesture on the list of tiles matching each sport.  A future upgrade is planned to allow you to enter a sport not already covered in the App (Feb timeframe)

Sport in Tiles I

Sport in Tiles II

Top Sports Top Sports
Football Athletics
Rugby Union Snooker
Rugby League Horse Racing
Tennis Cycling
Golf Disability Sport
Motorsport Other Sports
Boxing Olympics 2012

NB If it makes sense further down the line these apps will also make their way over to Windows 8 (with tablet use in mind)

Windows Phone Downloads mentioned in this article:


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