Ingestion Failure Example under 3.10.1

2I hadn’t come across this before but one of my recent Apps “Happy Families” failed ingestion under 3.10 with the following ingestion report:

3.10 Country/Region Specific Requirements


Requirements Expected Result
Content that is offensive in any country/region to
which your application is targeted is not allowed.
Content may be considered offensive in certain
countries/regions because of local laws or cultural
norms. Examples of potentially offensive content
in certain countries/regions include, but are not
limited to the following:

-People in revealing clothing or in sexually suggestive poses
-Religious references
-Alcohol references
-Sexual or bathroom humor
-Simulated or actual gambling

Countries/regions for which one or more parts of
3.10 may apply include the following:

Group 1: China
Group 2: Malaysia, Indonesia

I removed the 3 Countries from the list and resubmitted.

I understand what has happened here but would have preferred that the App was published with the offending Countries removed automatically, perhaps with a note supplied to me (or a ‘Warning’ submission report) outlining the issue.

I am guessing that fart machines might would also fail under 3.10.1?

Happy Families:


~ by Ian on January 16, 2012.

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