There is a new mouse in town …

I picked up a new mouse recently and though it was worth pointing out to others (pun intended).


The new Arc mouse is rather nice and, dare I say it, even better than the last Arc mouse (Which in itself was a superb example of great design).


So why is it better?

Well its’ kind of aimed at being your personal travelling mouse, it folds flat with the tiny USB connector stuck to its’ front (with a strong magnet). This is actually great for slipping into a laptop case or slip pouch without being overly bulky.  When you want to use if the mouse ripples into a comfortable mouse shape with a quick flex of its spine (easier done than described).  And the process of folding/unfolding the mouse for use is also the on/off switch – genius!

I have used the mouse for long periods and can confirm that it remains a joy to use.  If I had one criticism then it might be aimed at the mouse wheel strip which, at the same time as being amazing, still doesn’t quite feel 100% natural.  Notwithstanding, I would urge everyone reading to try one of these out at a local store, or maybe even just go for it online (you are not going to be disappointed).

Full marks go to the designer, this mouse definitely takes the cheese…

UPDATE: Great deal on this mouse from Amazon

~ by Ian on February 8, 2012.

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