“Live Tile” Browser for Windows 8



A quick interim post to show progress on porting this app to Windows 8. Still much to do but have made good progress in a couple of days.  Plan on adding filters for Live Tile types which will re-arrange the screen accordingly.  UI is very responsive so am pleased thus far.


I have added filters using the App menu bar which makes things a bit more manageable.


I have also added a ‘shrink’ option that takes tiles down to just a basic text description.  I am looking to have this follow the functionality of the ‘semantic zoom’ control but my first attempt to do this resulted in a spectacular fail!

NB This App forms the basis for my continued support of “App Aid” and will be followed by a WinRT / Metro version of “Live Tile News”.



Stay tuned for an update on this post when I highlight how applying some of the common Windows 8 metro design guidelines has an impact on the next iteration of this app!

~ by Ian on March 9, 2012.

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  1. […] I blogged about this version of the App back in March this year. […]

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