The Native Image Generator failed

When submitting an App to the Windows 8 store I am repeatedly getting an error that relates to the failure of the native image generator.

There are a number of suggestions around this issue in this article which having worked through, and submitted an issue via  Connect (see here) I have finally implemented the suggested workaround:

As a last resort, you can disable automatic native image generation for your app by including a file that is named "nongen.txt" in your app package. Be aware that doing this may adversely affect startup and execution times for your app. Make sure that you file a Connect bug before you take this step.

This then resulted in an overall WACK pass:


NB The full failure report looks like this:


Windows App Certification Kit – Test Results

App name:
App version:
App publisher:
Web Surfaces
OS Version:
Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview (6.2.8400.0)
Report time:
10/07/2012 13:26:24

Overall result: FAILED

Crashes and hangs test


App launch tests


Crashes and hangs

App manifest compliance test


App manifest

Windows security features test


Binary analyzer

Supported Metro style API test


Supported APIs

Performance test


Bytecode generation


Performance launch

  • Error Found: The performance launch test collected the following results:.

    • The Native Image Generator failed
  • Impact if not fixed: Application launch time is important for creating a fast and fluid experience for the user. This app will not be accepted by the Windows Store.

  • How to fix: You should ensure that your app’s performance is consistent across different machine configurations and does not exceed the minimum requirements or it will potentially fail during Windows store onboarding. The informational metrics can provide insight into areas that could help improve your app’s performance, but do not impact your apps acceptance by the Windows Store. See link below for more information:
    Performance Best Practices


Performance suspend

App manifest resources test


App resources validation

Debug configuration test


Debug configuration

File encoding


UTF-8 file encoding


~ by Ian on July 10, 2012.

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