Windows 8 Store Certification Failure

After around 10 days in the submission process my first Windows 8 App has failed with the following report:


6.11 The app’s category and subcategory must correspond to the character or purpose of your app

Presently the Apps’ category and sub-category are:


Which is as I intended (there is no sub category for ‘Productivity’ Apps).

My thinking was that this App helps you be more productive with your Windows Phone and I must admit, looking at the other options this still looks to be the best in my opinion.  It is a shame that there was not a sentence indicating the thinking behind the reason for failure or perhaps a suggestion as to where Microsoft thinks my App should live?

I found it a little disappointing that any other ‘issues’ with the App are not listed (or alternatively there is a section that states that ‘no other issues were found’) as this would be useful as well as giving us an indication of whether this process is  ‘fail at the first hurdle’ or is more comprehensive.


~ by Ian on July 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Windows 8 Store Certification Failure”

  1. What? Are we allowed to submit apps now? What is the site to do that?

    • Yes, check with your evangelist! (You can attend a session at the App Excellence labs and if your App gets the green light you can submit for store approval).

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