Your Apps: How to succeed in the Windows Store

So early days but so far the signs are that I am not getting my Apps into the hands of the users as effectively as I would like.  How so?  Check out some of the metrics available from Microsoft for your apps:

First the good news: when I manage to get this App into the hands of users they are using it more than the average for other news apps:


Then the bad news, I’m getting less downloads than I would like.  So this got me thinking.  I have written about the value of promotion before and there is a lot you can do.  But here is what you should be aiming for as far as the Windows store is concerned:

1. Get your App featured in the Spotlight section!


2. Get you App featured in it’s own category section in the store:


3. Get your App up there in the ‘Top free Apps’ section:


So the big question.  How do you go about achieving the above?  First of all look at providing effective graphics for the store to use.  Take real time out doing this or you probably won’t get off first base!  Here are the graphics I have provided for my own App ‘Live Tile News’:

(I am particularly proud of the last image that brings all the semantically zoomed categories together to look like a British rocket!)

Here are some more that I provided for ‘Live Tile Browser’

I really like the effectiveness of the colours and the association with Windows Phone (which is what this App is all about)

But the real answer to the question is one that I cannot answer.  I figure a part of it must be letting ‘whoever makes these decisions’ that you are keen to do what it takes to get your own App featured!  (and correspondingly this is in part the motivation for this posting)

Good luck with your own apps, there is already a lot of competition out there!


~ by Ian on October 30, 2012.

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