Transparent Panoramic Background Images


I have used images for the panoramic control to good effect in phone applications in the past but one issue I have always had to manage is ensuring that the image works equally well  with both the light and dark themes.  With skill it is sometimes possible to use a single opaque image to good effect.  It is also possible to check which theme is in operation on start-up and set the image programmatically accordingly (not covered by this post)

When working on my latest ‘App Builder’ inspired App ‘Fishing Tips’ I suddenly had the thought of using a semi-transparent background image (instead of a ‘compromised’ opaque image).  I commonly use “Paint.NET” for any image related work and so took a little time out to search for a suitable plug-in that might help me to test out my idea.

I found a suitable plug in here and proceeded to test out my theory:

Here are the results:

Applying the effect in Paint.NETimage

Before and after transparency application.


Within the App using Light and Dark themes.

As you can see the same image works equally well with either theme selected
(Note to self: it looks like some of those images need re-aligning?)

BTW The XAML used for the Panoramic Background image is as follows:


Someone also pointed out that the same result can be achieved with a completely opaque background image by setting it’s opacity to 0.25 – which I must admit gave me a ‘slap  forehead’ moment.

NB You can download ‘Fishing Tips’ once it has been published <here>


~ by Ian on February 13, 2013.

4 Responses to “Transparent Panoramic Background Images”

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  2. Paint Shop Pro ??? I think you used Paint.NET

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