Using Nokia Ad Exchange on Windows Phone 8


Following on from the last two articles :

  1. Adding a TimeStamp in Azure Mobile Services
  2. Semi-Transparent Panoramic Background Images

this article came about as a result of new Apps I have been developing / enhancing for Windows Phone 8.

In the past I have used Microsoft’s’ own Advertising SDK but for I thought it would be interesting to try out Nokia’s new advertising SDK*.  Further down the line I will blog some results and contrast these with those resulting from the use of the Microsoft SDK.

Getting started is easy, sign up and download the SDK from this page:

I followed the instructions on the developer wiki for Windows 8 Phones here:

Windows Phone 8 SDK guidelines

This will take you through the three basic steps:

  1. Adding the SDK to your project.
  2. Adding required references and capabilities.
  3. Displaying ads within the application.

The approach looks to be marginally simpler than the Microsoft SDK though both are very easy to implement.

I opted to Add everything using code:

image(Click to enlarge)

I’m not sure about the value of the optional parameters but decided to add them anyway

NB Note the reference to App.NokiaID – this is the App ID that is given when you add an App in the Ad Exchange Web Site below (I simply declared it in App.Config for tidiness sake).  The ID should look something Like:



Payments are monthly and are triggered as soon as you go over the $200 threshold (I have to say that probably equates to never for me but hey, lets’ not be too pesimistic!)

And that is all there is to it.

If you would like to see an example of the Ads that the App serves up check out one of the following Apps (make sure you select the free trial)

1. Which Diet?

2. Fishing Tips

Have fun!

* Which is actually a badged version of the Ad SDK from Inneractive.


~ by Ian on February 20, 2013.

4 Responses to “Using Nokia Ad Exchange on Windows Phone 8”

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  2. I’d be curious as to how this is working out for you…I’m debating on giving this a try…though the $200 is pretty steep for me…may not receive payment for years. =) But I would be curious as to the revenue difference.


  3. Hey there, could you write some more about your experiences with NAX after a month of use? I’m currently considering which ad option to choose for a Windows Phone app and I’d be very interested in your findings. Thanks 🙂

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