Better than Sex and Oprah Winfrey …

… but not as hot as Windows 8?


After just a week in the store ‘Learn Piano’ has managed to climb to the fourth position in the Windows Store Lifestyle category putting it above the Kama sutra and Oprah!

In terms of downloads this app has now had a little over 2,000.  What makes this surprising is it has done this with no marketing support (other than this blog) and has not been featured in the store at this point. Of course 2,000 apps is a relatively low number for an App in general terms, but when you consider that this is a ‘niche’ app  in what might be considered one of the minor categories it bodes well for independent developers.  (Independent developers frequently don’t have the resources or clout to launch any kind of worthwhile marketing effort around their apps)


The store also provides some basic demographics, here showing that the App has been mainly downloaded by ages 22-40 in the USA and UK (as might have been expected)



DOWNLOAD ‘Learn Piano’ for Windows 8


Now reached number 3 in ‘lifestyle’ and steadying out at just under 500 downloads per day.


~ by Ian on March 20, 2013.

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